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Old99Farm Market:  Old 99 Farm, week of Sept 20 2017

Just when I get the egg production back up people slow down their buying! So I have lots of eggs, now on 3 for 2 special. Get some for your friends and relations.

Last week I added baby chard to the list of vegetables we can offer; we had a great crop of perpetual Green Chard, more flavourful than the coloured chards, in the greenhouse. It went to seed before we removed it, and now have several beds full of young chard, suitable for salads or steaming as a side dish, putting smoothies, soups etc.

Also now ready are new crop carrots, beets and lettuce, to add to the cantaloupe, squash, tomatoes (including Beefsteak), garlic, cilantro, parsley, new chives, Russet potatoes, onions, kale, spinach, three kinds of peppers, and arugula.

In the fruits department: apples, blackberries, pears, asian pears, and as mentioned melons and tomatoes.

Meats are still available in good selection. If you want roasting chickens for next winter, please give me your order and deposit of $5 per bird. I have beef, pork, lamb and goose in the freezer.

Another reminder for placing orders for beef quarters and roasting chickens. As soon as I get two orders I’ll take a beef to the butcher.

Healthy eating
Ian and Cami

Heritage Farm :  Reminder to order

We are back to a regular schedule this week! Market closes at 8pm tonight for Saturday farm truck or farmers market delivery.

Online store order here>>> The Whole Shebang

Holiday Turkeys for 2017 are on reservation now!!ORDER THEM HERE>>>>> Turkeys

CSA a update and look ahead:

Expected harvests week of 09/20 and 09/23

Mixed Peppers
Shishito Peppers

Please support your local, small scale, non-soy/non-gmo, pasture raised,beyond organic and customer driven farmers!!
(That’d be us!)

Thanks in advance!
The Hutchins Family
Heritage Farm

Independence,VA:  The Market is OPEN for Sept. 27th pickup!

Good evening!

The Market is open for orders! I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t help thinking about the holidays! Want to get your shopping done early? How about finding some cool, locally made items from our market! We also offer Independence Farmers Market gift certificates!

To Shop: Independence Farmers Market.

Upcoming Events:

We’ll be picking apples for the pressing this SUNDAY from 2-5 at Matthews. We can always use help. We’ll be around Dr. Matthews house, not at the Living History farm or forest. Let us know if you need directions! Apples will be used to press at the market and sell as cider to raise funds for the market.

FALL FINALE is October 13TH! Join us for our final day of the outdoor market for the 2017 season! Our apple dessert contest AND giant pumpkin contest, both win a $100 first prize! We’ll also have a community apple pressing! If you have apples and/or containers to donate, please let us know!

Thank you for supporting the Independence Farmers Market!


Yalaha, FL:  Hurricane Irma Recovery

Sorry the Market did not open last week or this week. We just got power/internet access back. If you are interested in ordering this week, please contact me directly as I am not opening the market at this late date for this week. Aquaponic Systems survived at Aquaponic Lynx LLC but there is plenty of clean up and re-building to do. I will plan to open the Market again Monday September 25th provided Maria doesn’t come this way.

The Cumming Harvest:  This Week at The Cumming Harvest

This Week

I will be out of town this weekend, Dad, Jeanne and Susan will be running the market. If you have questions for me please email me at and I’ll answer when I return. You may also email or call the farmers directly and can find their contact info on the Growers page of this website.

Cultured Traditions will be out for a couple of weeks travelling.

Indian Creek Angus will deliver on October 7th.

Doug’s Wild Alaskan Salmon Doug should be just about finished fishing in Alaska so we expect to receive a new delivery of Salmon soon. I’ll let you know as soon as we get it in.


Market Location and Pick Up
Pick Up every Saturday from 10am-12pm.
Located in a small building directly behind The Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit.
724 Pilgrim Mill Road, Cumming, GA 30040
Google Map

To view the harvest today and tomorrow till 8pm, visit “The Market” page on our website, The Cumming Harvest

We thank you for your interest and support of our efforts to bring you the healthiest, the freshest and the most delicious locally-produced foods possible!

Champaign, OH:  Wake Up Call!

Good morning!!

I am having coffee, getting ready to bake the day away, and wanted to remind you that you have until 8am to get your orders in!!

Make your morning count!!

Cosmic Pam

Spa City Local Farm Market Co-op:  The market is closed.

The Spa City Co-op market is now closed for ordering. Please plan to pick up your order this Friday between 3 and 4:30 pm.
Should you be unable to pick up, please arrange for a friend to do so for you.

Thank you for ordering from Spa City Co-op
This weeks market manager:

Karen Holcomb

Russellville Community Market:  Remember To Order!

Russellville Community Market closes at 10 p.m. this evening – be sure to place your order!

Pick up is Thursday at All Saints Episcopal Church on Phoenix from 4 – 6:30 p.m.

See you on Thursday!!

Russellville Community Market


Miami County Locally Grown:  Tonight's featured vendor?

Covington Cheese Company!!

I thought I had met people whose passion for producing quality food consumed them – then I met Andrea Littlejohn, gregarious, passionate, and full of energy. I’ve read of and spoken with so many growers who had great ideas for a value added product, only to find the regulations and restrictions so daunting, they never got further than the research phase.

Prior to accepting the manager position with the Virtual Market, I sat down to read the different food production rules in Ohio, and nationwide, finding just how intimidating food production can be, for a small-time, start-up operation… what type of crates you can use to legally haul your produce to market, the licensing required to transport frozen and refrigerated goods, what you’re allowed to incorporate into your baked goods, which butchers are licensed and inspected appropriately for reselling… I could go on all night, without even touching on the cost!

Then take such an involved process as cheese? How driven would a person have to be to go thru all that rigmarole? Well, meet Andrea Littlejohn, the cheese-maker extraordinaire of Covington Cheese Company!

And not just any cheese, but a wide variety of handmade, raw milk artisan cheeses, as she’s committed to presenting the healthiest, most natural cheese possible. And where does she create such a product? Her 20’x20’ USDA licensed commercial kitchen… stepping from her lovely home into that pristine workplace, I was undeniably impressed – it was immaculate, and impeccably organized. To stand there and think how much cheese can be made by one grey-haired lady, I was envious of her energy and her talent… if anyone could make such a business endeavor flourish, it’s Andrea!

Being a business owner with several federal licenses and a fully-licensed and inspected facility is a far cry from the woman who began her cheese-making career four years ago, before she learned what an uphill battle she had in front of her. Having been licensed to sell in April of this year, she still has testing and courses to complete regularly to keep her licensing current, from her milk-hauler license to her weekly milk testing for antibiotics. So this is definitely a woman who loves what she does!

Having always sourced the milk for her cheese locally, she currently turns to Lauxfield Farm, a Grade A Jersey dairy in Houston. Conveniently only 6 miles from her home, Andrea heads to the farm once a week for the milk she’ll turn into her artisan cheeses, knowing the importance of trusting the dairy responsible for milk she’s sourcing to produce her craft.

Jerseys are famous for the cream and butterfat in their milk, and all of that cream goes into Andrea’s cheese. Not only that, but her cheese is as natural as possible, as she uses only rennet, salt, cultures and fermentation to create the different varieties – and often the only cultures in her cheese are the natural cultures from the raw milk!

Cheese made from raw milk must be aged for a minimum of 2 months, and some of Andrea’s selections, such as her parmesan, are aged for more than a year!

Andrea is convinced cheese is an art form, and she’s just as adamant there’s nothing better than sharing her art. When she started giving me ideas for using some of her full-flavored cheeses as a garnish in quiche, for an incomparable mac ‘n cheese, or the perfect accent to a party tray, I realized just how much I’d been missing all my life, as I was completely unfamiliar with Fontina, Gruyere, Havarti, Brie, Manchego… and to think I can now experience such variety from a local producer, with a truly local, exquisite product? Not ooooh and aaaah, but Mmmmmm and thanks!!

Dawson Local Harvest:  REMINDER! Dawson Local Harvest Market Closes @ 9pm!

Dawson Local Harvest for Sept. 22md


Just a quick reminder to get your orders in for this week’s Harvest. The Market closes at 9 pm Tonight!

Thanks, Alan, Market Manager